Brett Kuziak - Founder


Brett Kuziak is a very ambitious, well-connected, and driven individuals who have seen a gap and opportunity to serve a very specific, growing population of men who are seeking to refine their masculine features, dial back the clock on aging, improve their physiques, elevate their sexual performance, and enhance their overall whole-body wellbeing.

As passionate consumers of the solutions they hope to bring to men in South Florida, Brett want to end the stigma between men and aesthetics. Just as the aesthetics space is driven by both science and artistry.


Brett Kuziak holds a degree and professional background in civil engineering. He brings a keen savvy for process and scientific research to Profile Aesthetics & Wellness. His unique background combined with his dedication to providing men with a uniquely-designed medspa experience allows every Profile Aesthetics & Wellness patient to receive care with the confidence that they are receiving trusted, science-based treatment in a professional atmosphere.