Natural cellular rejuvenation for better performance.

P-Shot injections deliver highly regenerative natural growth factors where they’re needed to achieve enhanced sexual performance and confidence. Treatment is convenient, only taking a few minutes and involving little to no downtime or side effects.

At our exclusively male medspa in Fort Lauderdale P-Shot injections offer natural male enhancement so you can perform better and enjoy life more fully. Our P-Shot treatment is effective as a standalone therapy or as a supplemental procedure for your existing treatment and is safe for virtually every patient. Schedule your consultation with one of our treatment specialists to explore your candidacy for P-shot injections at Profile Aesthetics & Wellness.


Understanding PRP for male enhancement. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a substance within the blood containing highly-concentrated growth factors. PRP is used for a broad spectrum of concerns due to its regenerative properties.

The P-Shot stimulates natural repair and enhances blood flow wherever it’s injected, offering expedited injury recovery, hair and skin rejuvenation, and improved soft tissue health. As a treatment, PRP male enhancement injections provide comprehensive rejuvenation, improving both the function and aesthetics of the penis. Many patients experience a significant boost in feelings of confidence, masculinity, and empowerment to achieve their goals in virtually every aspect of their life.



PRP uses your own blood, allowing for minimal risks compared to other treatments that use foreign materials. Our Ft. Lauderdale P-Shot treatment is short enough to fit within your lunch break and involves no incisions, anesthesia, or significant recovery.

P-Shot injections are safe and effective for treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction and are often used in conjunction with testosterone therapy. In addition, PRP male enhancement can improve blood flow, sensitivity, sexual stamina, libido, orgasm intensity, and penile length and width.


Exploring your candidacy. In general, anyone with conditions treatable with P-Shot injections is a candidate. There are no hard and fast rules regarding your age or the extent of your concerns that dictate when or if you can take advantage of this all-natural enhancement procedure.

However, there are some medical conditions that can contraindicate treatment, so it is essential that you discuss your full medical history and any medications you may be taking during your consultation.


What to expect on the day of your treatment.

There is no required preparation for P-Shot treatment. However, some patients choose to get lab work done prior to treatment to ensure that their blood, plasma, and platelet levels are healthy. When you come into our medspa on the day of your treatment, one of our friendly and professional team members will invite you into your private and relaxing treatment suite. You will lie down comfortably while your providing specialist prepares you for treatment.

They will apply a topical numbing solution to the treatment area before taking a small sample of your blood from which to harvest your PRP. They will use a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the blood’s other contents and draw it into a syringe. Then, they will administer four or five injections into the shaft of your penis. Lastly, they may give you a penis pump to help draw blood into the area, enhancing and expediting the effects of your treatment. As soon as your treatment is complete, you will be able to return to your regular daily routine without restriction. At Profile Aesthetics & Wellness, we strive to offer the best P-Shot Ft. Lauderdale has to offer!


Minimal recovery and minimal side effects.

P-Shot treatment offers minimal recovery, with very little risk of complications. However, you may experience some mild redness, swelling, or bruising during the first few days after your treatment. However, these side effects are generally mild and subside quickly. You should avoid sexual intercourse and strenuous activity for at least two days after your treatment to prevent infection and irritation.


How soon will you notice a difference in your concerns?

As PRP male enhancement employs your body’s natural healing response, the speed at which results appear can vary greatly from one patient to another. While it is recommended that patients undergo a series of three to six treatments (spaced three months apart) for optimum results, it has been reported that some can realize a difference within just 24 hours after one treatment.


Combine your treatment for enhanced results. As a men-focused medspa, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance your sexual performance and boost your confidence.

In addition to our P-Shot treatment, we also offer testosterone therapy and non-surgical penile girth enhancement using hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Achieve optimal wellness, performance, and quality of life with balanced hormones and increased penile girth. During your consultation, your specialist can help you create your personalized treatment plan to address all of your concerns effectively. All of our medical-grade treatments involve minimal downtime to allow you to enhance your life without interrupting it.


Enjoy a uniquely masculine medspa experience in Fort Lauderdale.

P-Shot treatment offers non-surgical, comprehensive, and natural male enhancement. If you are interested in learning about this treatment or exploring the other male-focused medspa therapies we offer, contact us to schedule your consultation with one of our specialists. Our inclusive medspa serves all men looking for one of the best P-Shots Ft. Lauderdale and the Miami areas have to offer.


Due to the numbing solution used during treatment, most men don’t experience any pain. You may notice some pressure or a mild pinch upon each injection, but treatment is generally tolerable. You may also notice some mild soreness following treatment, but this will subside quickly.

The P-Shot involves very minimal risks, including infection and minor scarring. Because it uses products from your own body, there is no risk of allergic or adverse reaction to the injected blood.

Unfortunately, P-Shot injections are considered an elective treatment, and most insurance providers do not cover it.